Therapist Spotlight: Janis Ellington, CAC-II, RPS


Janis Ellington provides Addiction Counseling on an individual basis and in group settings for adults. She offers support, education, and treatment for those seeking help for Substance Use and counseling for their loved ones. Janis is our “go to” for Recovery Resources as she has treatment connections that reach nationwide for adults and adolescents. Janis possesses true compassion for those living with addiction and has a creative ability to identify and link to the best treatment approach. She wants to open doors and connect anyone wanting help with the right fit for their unique needs.




Why Did You Become An Addiction Counselor?

“I didn’t mean to become an addiction counselor- it just happened.  Originally, I wanted to be a recreation therapist for geriatric clients to keep them as physically active for as long as possible. I interned at an addiction’s facility because I needed to fulfill an academic requirement. This internship lead me to recognize addiction in my own family, and I became more interested in and passionate about helping people find recovery from addiction. ”


Who Is Your Ideal Client?

“My ideal client is someone who is searching for freedom from the bondage of addiction.  Being caught in the web of addiction is isolating to the individual with addictive behaviors. Also, addiction infects the whole family and support system.  Anyone directly or indirectly caught in the web of addiction is an ideal client for Addiction Recovery Strategies!”


What Is Your Favorite Motto To Share With Clients?

“ ‘Not My Monkey, Not My Circus.’ I say this all the time in relation to codependency and recognizing individual responsibility in relationships.  This is especially important in understanding boundaries to safeguard oneself from enabling behaviors. This applies to both the perspective of being enabled as well as enabling others.”


What Do Your Credentials Stand For, And What Does It Mean?

“CAC-II stands for ‘Certified Addiction Counselor, Level II.’ I received certification as an addiction counselor in 2002.  Certified Addiction Counselor means that I completed coursework and stringent supervision specific to addiction counseling and treatment. Level II indicates a higher level of coursework as well as extended field experience over and above the qualifications of Level I.”

“RPS stands for ‘Relapse Prevention Specialist.’ In the Fall of 2018, I completed coursework and supervision to specialize in relapse prevention and earned the credential of Relapse Prevention Specialist (RPS).”


For Fun: Describe Your Favorite Coffee Mug

“My favorite coffee mug is black and has ‘26.2’ on the side. I bought this mug at the race expo of my first marathon in 2011.  Race expos are usually the day before races, so I bought the mug before actually completing 26.2 miles.  I remember being around mile 19 of that race and feeling doubtful as to whether I would be able to finish the distance.  I thought about that mug and told myself I couldn’t drink from it unless I finish the race.  That mug was a piece of inspiration during a hard point of the race, and a symbol of pride for completing a goal I worked hard to achieve.”

Check out my mug!


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