Therapist Spotlight: Kale Cooper, LCSW


Kale Cooper provides Online individual counseling for adolescents and adults (ages 13+). She offers support for those working toward Recovery from an addiction. Additionally, she offers Mental Health treatment for depression, anxiety, and mood disorders. Her practice addresses Codependency and boundary setting to support healthy relationships.

Kale’s passion is helping anyone who has experienced Trauma to work toward a place of healing. She helps individuals improve their self worth in an effort to move forward in life on their terms. She utilizes a compassionate and trauma-informed approach to therapy.


Why did you become a therapist?

I received therapy as a child after an incident that happened to me. To this day, I remember the impact that my therapist had on my life. I also wanted to give people a sense of hope after a horrible time in my life, and that what happened to me did not have to define who I was.  Having witnessed addiction within my own home, I wanted to learn more about addiction in order to educate myself and assist others with their recovery.


What is your favorite motto to share with clients?

Progress over Perfection!


What do your credentials stand for and what does it mean?

LCSW stands for Licensed Clinical Social Worker. It means in the state of Georgia, I am independently able to provide therapeutic services within my scope of practice to individuals seeking therapy in a Private Practice setting.


For Fun- Describe your favorite coffee mug:

I’m a Special Unicorn is a pink coffee mug with a rainbow and unicorn sitting on the edge. It just reminds me that we can find magic even in the dark times, and sometimes we have to make our own rainbows through the storms we face.


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