Our Mission

Core Purpose:

Our core purpose is to provide well-rounded and compassionate care for those seeking therapeutic services and personal guidance for themselves or for their loved ones. We support individuals, couples, and families in achieving hope and healing.

Low Country Counseling is a Recovery-Oriented practice specializing in Chemical Dependency and Eating Recovery. We offer help for Individuals, Moms, Couples, Children, and Teens. Our practice also provides help for Mood Disorders, OCD and Anxiety, Relationships, and Trauma.

We believe that any facet of life can be enhanced through improving the relationship with ourselves and connecting positively with others. We strive to support individuals, couples, and families in achieving warm, respectful, and nurturing bonds

All people deserve the right to live a meaningful and enjoyable life. We work with others in an effort to free them from whatever beliefs, patterns, or chaos inhibits them from achieving their true purpose, life intentions, and goals

The ability to clearly define and uphold our personal values allow for personal power and self-dignity. We encourage individuals to enhance the balance of connecting with others while maintaining boundaries to preserve and protect what they value

Madeleine Shaver, LCSW, MAC

CEO, Clinical Director

“Connection is the key to Healing.”

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