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To provide well-rounded and compassionate care for those seeking therapeutic services and personal guidance for themselves or for their loved ones. To support individuals, couples, and families in achieving hope and healing.

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Madeleine Shaver, LCSW, MAC

Addiction Recovery, Eating Recovery, Individual Therapy, EMDR Therapy

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Madeleine Shaver works in a private practice setting specializing in eating disorders and chemical dependency. Treatment focus also includes resolving underlying trauma and subsequent codependency issues. She provides psychotherapy for those seeking a new way to live in recovery in these identified areas. General therapeutic services are also addressed- primarily coping strategies for mood disorders, anxiety or OCD, stress management, or building supportive relationships. Her practice offers group therapy for women with problematic over-eating patterns. Madeleine has a passion for helping others understand themselves, their relationships with loved ones, and finding freedom through Recovery.

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Kristin Broderick, LPC, CEDS, CAADC

Addiction Recovery, Eating Recovery, Individual Therapy, Therapy For Teens, EMDR Therapy

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Kristin Broderick offers individual therapy for adolescents and adults (ages 16+) She enjoys supporting young adults transitioning into college and adulthood. Kristin specializes in substance use issues and has extensive experience working with women early in Recovery and who are survivors of sexual trauma. Through her work in the Recovery community, she has also worked with those experiencing an Eating Disorder and other Dual Diagnosis issues such as bipolar, anxiety, and depression. Her practice focuses on achieving Recovery through sobriety and practicing skills to live a meaningful life. Eating Recovery relieves anxiety regarding food choices and body image. Recovery in both areas emphasizes the development of healthy coping skills and supportive relationships.

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Charita Smith, LCSW, MAC

Addiction Recovery, Couples Counseling, Individual Therapy, Therapy For Teens

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Charita Smith offers individual, couples, and family therapy for adolescents and adults (ages 15+). Her passion is helping others to understand their value and harness their inner strengths. Her experience has been working with those impacted by addiction. Charita understands the unique needs of families in these situations and enjoys working with parents and their children in working toward recovery and healing. Therapy provides the opportunity to help gain insight into your own needs, to focus on and love yourself, and to regain balance in your relationships. Her practice also addresses codependency, trauma, mood disorders, and anxiety.

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Janis Ellington, CAC-II, RPS

Addiction Recovery, Codependency

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Janis Ellington provides Addiction Counseling on an individual basis and in group settings for adults. She offers support, education, and treatment for those seeking help for Substance Use and counseling for their loved ones. Janis is our “go to” for Recovery Resources as she has treatment connections that reach nationwide for adults and adolescents. Janis possesses true compassion for those living with addiction and has a creative ability to identify and link to the best treatment approach. She wants to open doors and connect anyone wanting help with the right fit for their unique needs.

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Debra Cone, LCSW

Child Therapy, Developmental Therapy

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Debra Cone has focused her career on helping children thrive in body, mind, and spirit. Her passion is helping children in need of support and being with parents through that process. She offers Mental Health Therapy for Children and Young Teens (ages 5-14) for anxiety, mood/emotions, ADHD, parent/child bonding, and social skills. Debra uses play therapy techniques to help younger children express themselves and develop tools for coping. She offers Developmental Therapy for children (ages 2-12) experiencing developmental delays or concerns. She has been working with children with developmental delays since 2007. She offers this unique service to bolster developmental support and to help parents bond and understand their child’s needs.

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Kristen Dickens, PhD, LPC, ACS, NCC

Addiction Recovery, Eating Recovery, Couples Counseling, Individual Therapy, Therapy For Teens

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Kristen Dickens offers therapy for individuals, families, and couples for adolescents and adults (ages 15+). She has focused her career on helping others find ways to empower themselves. She has extensive training in Marriage and Family Therapy and enjoys working with Couples or the family unit as a whole. Children of any age can join the family unit for therapy. Kristen also has experience treating Eating Disorders to help build a safe connection with food and body. Kristen has genuine compassion for anyone who is open to change but feels unsure on how or where to begin. Her practice provides help for anxiety, mood disorders, high risk behaviors, and tension within relationships.

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