Balance: Support Groups for Women in Savannah, GA

Group therapy for women seeking help with overeating, emotional, or binge eating patterns. Acquire techniques to learn body signals for hunger and satiety, types of eating cycles, basic meal planning, and how to troubleshoot problematic triggers that lead to overeating. This is a weight-neutral group and includes a book to help along the way. Group facilitated by Kristin Mock, LPC, CAADC

* Services for nutrition, meal, and grocery support also available

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Recovery on the Move

Group for women in all stages of Recovery. Bond, connect, and begin your day with movement! Walk, jog, or run during the first phase followed by traditional group to process life in Recovery. This group is ideal for anyone in early recovery needing extra support during IOP treatment, those in long-term recovery wanting deeper insight, and women in general looking for a small-knit community to share sober living experiences.

Each cycle of RECOVERY ON THE MOVE will align with a local community 5k! Our first cycle will complete in time for the Watermelon Crawl 5k, a FREE community event that you and your peers can choose to join together if you’d like! Facilitated by Janis Ellington, CAC-II

2 times available on Friday Mornings:
Early Bird: 6am-7:30am
Morning Movers: 9am-10:30am

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Addiction 411

Monthly groups held for all community members wanting help for their own use or help for a loved one. Topics will vary each month and are designed to reach those actively using, early recovery, “Stage 2” recovery, family members, parents of teens, and parents of adult children in active use. All are welcome with no obligation. Facilitated by Janis Ellington, CAC-II

*You do not have to be a client at Low Country Counseling to attend these groups. Check out our Events Page and find topics that fit YOU!

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