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About Madeleine Shaver

Madeleine works in a private practice setting specializing in binge eating recovery and chemical dependency. She has a passion for helping others understand themselves, their relationships with loved ones, and finding freedom through Recovery. Her practice, Low Country Counseling, serves the Recovery Community in Savannah, GA.

4 New Tips to Relieve Anxiety

Relieve Anxiety Today   Anxiety takes many forms: racing thoughts, dread, excessive worry, panic, and loss of sleep. For some, it can even manifest physically by impacting the GI tract. Once anxiety strikes, it can feel overwhelming and hopeless. Generalized Anxiety Disorder is one of the most common mental health [...]

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What Is An Eating Disorder?

Food Feels Unsafe.   Eating is an essential part of life. It provides us with nourishment, connection, comfort, and satisfaction. For some, it can be an agonizing experience leading to hopelessness, anxiety, and despair. Understanding eating disorders can be an important step in helping yourself or a loved one who [...]

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Madeleine Shaver: Therapist in Savannah

Therapist Spotlight: Madeleine Shaver, LCSW, MAC   Madeleine Shaver works in a private practice setting specializing in eating disorders and chemical dependency. Treatment focus also includes resolving underlying trauma and subsequent codependency issues. She provides psychotherapy for those seeking a new way to live in recovery in these identified areas. [...]

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Brandy Zinn: Therapist In Savannah

Therapist Spotlight: Brandy Zinn, LPC   Brandy Zinn provides individual, couples, and family therapy. She specializes in treating children and adolescents. Additionally, she also specializes in Maternal Mental Health. Brandy has a passion for helping couples and families develop healthy dynamics. She encourages others to foster nurturing bonds and to [...]

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Do I Need Therapy?

Why Therapy?   We all go through the “ups and downs” of life. For some period of time, we may feel content and confident in our ability to cope with our families, friends, school, and jobs. Other times, we may feel overwhelmed by the minutiae of everyday life. How do [...]

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