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About Madeleine Shaver

Madeleine works in a private practice setting specializing in binge eating recovery and chemical dependency. She has a passion for helping others understand themselves, their relationships with loved ones, and finding freedom through Recovery. Her practice, Low Country Counseling, serves the Recovery Community in Savannah, GA.

Thanksgiving Tips for Eating Disorders

Holiday Support.   The Holidays mark a season of tradition, family gatherings, and meals. For someone experiencing an Eating Disorder, this can become an uncomfortable time of year. Thanksgiving poses multiple triggers for anxiety, struggles with food, and stressful family dynamics. Eating Recovery takes hard work, self-compassion, and support from [...]

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Bonding Tips For Couples

It Takes Two.   Couples experience challenges throughout the natural course of the relationship. The times when each person feels mutually in love are the most important phases! These are the “good times” that carry us through the “bad times.” Not everyone feels completely in love constantly over the span [...]

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The Five Priorities of Recovery

Keep It Simple.   Addiction touches many people and their families. This brain condition does not discriminate and develops from a combination of genetics and environmental factors such as trauma. Humanizing addiction helps reduce stigma. People experiencing Substance Use Disorder can be high functioning at times during active use: parents, [...]

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What Are The Basic Emotions?

Feelings 101   Emotions carry so much power. They have the ability to carry our internal worlds through a wild adventure, a terrible storm, and into a smooth landing of calm all within moments. Feelings have the power to overwhelm, confuse, exhilarate, infuriate, and provide relief. In the myriad of [...]

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Anxiety Tips for Parents

When Your Child Feels Anxious.   It can be difficult to identify the difference between anxiety and feeling nervous before a big event, or even excited when starting a new life adventure. Anxiety is a different experience in that our bodies tend to react and respond with discomfort. Not all [...]

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