Therapist Spotlight: Kristen Dickens, PhD, LPC, ACS, NCC


Kristen Dickens offers therapy for individuals, families, and couples for adolescents and adults (ages 15+). She has focused her career on helping others find ways to empower themselves. She has extensive training in Marriage and Family Therapy as well as Eating Disorders. Kristen has genuine compassion for anyone who is open to change but feels unsure on how to begin. Her practice provides help for anxiety, mood disorders, high risk behaviors, and tension within relationships.




Why Did You Become A Therapist?

“I wanted to become a therapist in order to help others. Growing up, there were life events that prompted me to see a therapist. Though it was tough work, I came to appreciate the support from my counselor and felt empowered knowing I could be an agent of change in my own life. I later decided that I wanted to help others navigate challenging times in their lives and empower them in the same way.”


Who Is Your Ideal Client?

“My ideal client is someone who is open, even if it’s only a slim crack. When you are open to change, or at least open to discussing things that could be different in your life, there is an opportunity for personal growth. Even if you are unsure of therapy and what therapists do, if you are open to change and are willing to experience discomfort in order to have long-term positive personal growth, I would be honored to work with you.”


What Is Your Favorite Motto To Share With Clients?

“You cannot pour from an empty cup.” This motto is about self-care and compassion. We lead busy lives: from our jobs/school, to our families, and to our friends. When we don’t take time to care for ourselves, we often end up feeling depleted of energy, which is harmful to our health (mental, emotional, physical, spiritual). I believe that a regular practice of self-care behaviors will increase our overall wellness and allow us to compassionately engage with others.”


What Do Your Credentials Stand For, And What Does It Mean?

“I have a doctorate in Counselor Education (PhD), am a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), an Approved Clinical Supervisor (ACS), and a National Board Certified Counselor (NCC).

My PhD is a teaching and research degree in the field of counseling, and the LPC allows me to practice counseling in the state of Georgia. The ACS indicates the state of Georgia recognizes me as a supervisor for pre-licensed individuals seeking an LPC. The NCC is a national certification that indicates I passed the National Counselor Exam and met all the criteria to be a board certified counselor/therapist.”


For Fun: What’s your favorite cartoon, and why?

“I love the Peanuts cartoon/comic and remember watching Charlie Brown and his friends growing up. Nostalgia kicks in any time I watch them around the various holidays in the fall. I also appreciate that Lucy is a therapist :).”


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