It Takes Two.


Couples experience challenges throughout the natural course of the relationship. The times when each person feels mutually in love are the most important phases! These are the “good times” that carry us through the “bad times.” Not everyone feels completely in love constantly over the span of a lifetime. Couples can be out of sync, where one may feel more deeply connected than the other. And then it flip-flops. And then those magical moments happen when the union is completely in sync! The bonding that occurs during those point of connections play an important role in making it last.

Sometimes relationships become mundane and need new energy to revitalize the spark. Bonding for couples can be crucial, especially for rough patches or where a repeated argument comes up and tensions are high. Scenarios that involve abuse of any kind, infidelity, or other form of mistreatment indicate more serious issues or even a toxic relationship. These cases require more than the bonding exercises described here…although these are a good place to start!

Here are some ideas to help strengthen the bond between you and your partner:




Financial Project.

Whether it’s saving money for a trip or tackling a debt, financial planning can become a source of bonding for couples. If money can be a stumbling block or inflammatory topic, seek professional advice from a financial advisor to help better navigate these discussions. Picking a financial project allows both of you to imagine how your future will look together in positive and exciting ways. This can also lead to opportunities for problem solving and constructive conversations about expectations for spending and saving patterns.


Family Tree.

Trace back both of your family histories! This activity invests interest in learning more about the other person (and perhaps more about yourself!). It can be a way to fill in gaps in history and create something together to pass down information for future generations.


Health Goal.

Developing goals targeting your health provides ample ways to increase bonding. Some ideas to try are cooking meals together, joining a team sport, going for walks or bike rides, or practicing meditation. You can encourage each other and enjoy the health benefits for many more years to come. There are endless options to this form of connection, so try new ones as you achieve each goal.



Intimacy takes on many forms. The simplest way to express love is though small gestures: hold hands, smile at each other, hug and/or kiss good-bye upon departure for the day, and greet the other when they get home. These small acts go a long way and reinforce deeper forms of intimacy such as sex and emotional closeness. It’s easy to forget to express simple affection in the day-to-day minutiae of life, so this is your reminder to show some love today!


Home Improvement.

Pick an area of your home to work on together. This can be a big project or something simple: refinish a piece of furniture, paint an interior wall, plant a garden, or create a piece of art together. The idea is to find a mutual venture to create a symbol that reflects a fond memory. Producing this within your home reinforces love and creates nostalgia.


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