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Why Does My Child Tantrum?

Tantrums!   If you are reading this, you have had that moment where your child is on the floor screaming, crying, and you feel helpless. They come in all shapes and sizes, sometimes you see them coming and sometimes you don’t. They can involve explosions of anger, frustration and disorganized [...]

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Depression Tips For Parents

When Your Child Feels Sad.   We often hear, “I feel depressed,” or “I struggle with Depression.”  But what does that mean? How is that different than a typical response of feeling sad?  Everyone has bad days and times where they feel sad. The difference between sadness and depression is [...]

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ADHD Tips for Parents

Find the Positives!   What is Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)? It consists of three main components: inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity.  Although these characteristics are common for children in general, those with ADHD include these experiences: the 3 components mentioned happen more frequently than expected for a child’s age Inattention, [...]

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Bonding Tips For Couples

It Takes Two.   Couples experience challenges throughout the natural course of the relationship. The times when each person feels mutually in love are the most important phases! These are the “good times” that carry us through the “bad times.” Not everyone feels completely in love constantly over the span [...]

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Anxiety Tips for Parents

When Your Child Feels Anxious.   It can be difficult to identify the difference between anxiety and feeling nervous before a big event, or even excited when starting a new life adventure. Anxiety is a different experience in that our bodies tend to react and respond with discomfort. Not all [...]

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4 Steps to a Solid Apology

More Than Words.   Everyone makes mistakes in relationships. It takes maturity and humility to admit wrongdoing and to apologize for transgressions. Hopefully, this becomes a learning experience where the relationship can recover, however minor or serious the offense may be. Learning how to make amends takes time and can [...]

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