Therapist Spotlight: Kristin Broderick, LPC, NCC, CAADC


Kristin Broderick offers therapy for adolescents and adults. Kristin specializes in Substance Use issues as well as concerns regarding body image, food, and eating patterns. She has extensive experience working with clients who also have Mental Health issues such as bipolar, anxiety, and depression. Kristin has a passion for working with survivors of sexual trauma. She has supported her community through rape crisis volunteer work. She utilizes a Person-Centered Orientation to best provide care and connect therapeutically with others.




Why Did You Become A Therapist?

“Growing up, we didn’t talk about mental health, though I had loved ones struggling with mental health concerns and addiction. In college, I knew I would enter the helping profession. Once I found a graduate program for Clinical Mental Health, I knew it was for me. My first internship took place at a community mental health board where I later was hired. My work was with women in recovery from drugs and alcohol. I discovered how incredibly strong and resilient these women are; They had so many other challenges in life, where addiction or maladaptive coping behaviors seemed to ease the pain for a time. This work inspired me to  gain more training in codependent relationships, trauma treatment, eating disorder treatment, and ultimately those are my greatest professional interests.”


Who Is Your Ideal Client?

“My ideal client is someone feeling trapped in habits or cycles that aren’t working for them anymore- whether this is a substance dependence, eating concerns, mood disorders, or trauma history. They could be struggling with fears, old wounds, or self-defeating beliefs that feel insurmountable. They may feel alone, broken, or overwhelmed, but they have just enough motivation or bravery to ask for help.  I love empowering my clients to find better ways to meet their needs with self-compassion.”


What Is Your Favorite Motto To Share With Clients?

“I love the old Alcoholics Anonymous motto: “One day at a time.” It may sound like common-sense, but we get so busy and wrapped up in the past or the future that we often forget to focus on the present. This speaks to the practice of mindfulness, and sometimes, we may need to take it one second, one minute, or one hour at a time!”


What Do Your Credentials Stand For, And What Does It Mean?

“LPC: Licensed Professional Counselor- it means my graduate work centered on Counseling theories and practices, including 1,000+ hours of experience prior to program completion. After that, it requires 3 years of post-graduate supervised professional experience and tests prior to gaining full licensure.”

“NCC: National Certified Counselor- it means I met the testing and education requirements to be Certified by the National Board for Certified Counselors.”

“CAADC: Certified Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselor- it means that I have passed a certification exam after 3+  years of supervised professional experience in the field of alcohol and drug recovery.”

“I’m working toward the CEDS credential, which will mean I am a Certified Eating Disorder Specialist.”


For Fun: What’s your favorite cartoon, and why?

“Right now, I could watch the Belcher family on Bob’s Burgers all day. Each intro shows a new neighbor to the restaurant; each credit-reel includes an original, ridiculous song. There’s something about the family shenanigans and the VOICES that I can’t get enough of. I’m from a family of five, so I can relate with the three kids getting intro trouble and constantly derailing the parents’ plans.”


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