Sober Support for the Holidays

May Your Heart Be Light.   Christmas and Hanukkah mark the time of year for family togetherness, celebration, and indulging in festive meals. Despite cultural differences surrounding drinking and the holiday season, those who experience addiction will aim to steer clear of substances altogether. The holiday season can lead to [...]

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The Five Priorities of Recovery

Keep It Simple.   Addiction touches many people and their families. This brain condition does not discriminate and develops from a combination of genetics and environmental factors such as trauma. Humanizing addiction helps reduce stigma. People experiencing Substance Use Disorder can be high functioning at times during active use: parents, [...]

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Do I Need Therapy?

Why Therapy?   We all go through the “ups and downs” of life. For some period of time, we may feel content and confident in our ability to cope with our families, friends, school, and jobs. Other times, we may feel overwhelmed by the minutiae of everyday life. How do [...]

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