Therapist Spotlight: Debra Cone, LCSW


Debra Cone has focused her career on helping children thrive in body, mind, and spirit. She has worked with children experiencing developmental delays since 2007. Her passion is helping children in need of support and being with parents through that process.

She offers Mental Health Therapy for Children and Young Teens (ages 5-14). Therapy targets anxiety, depression, ADHD, school support, emotional concerns, parent/child bonding, and social skills. Debra uses play therapy techniques to help younger children express themselves and develop age-appropriate tools for coping.

Developmental Therapy is available for children (ages 2-12) experiencing developmental delays or concerns. This service incorporates and expands on current Occupational Therapy (OT) and Physical Therapy (PT) treatment plans already in place. Debra utilizes techniques for social skills, self-expression, communication skills, coordination, and boundary setting to help bolster developmental support. Parents are included in this service to enhance bonding and understanding of their child’s needs.




Why Did You Become A Therapist?

“I was drawn to therapy after my own experience in therapy. I remember as a child, my therapist was the first person in my life to help me slow down, love myself, and listen. That feeling of support was unmatched and lifted me through life.”


Who Is Your Ideal Client?

“The ‘ideal’ client is imperfect but open to learning how to do ‘the work.’  I’ve always loved the phrase, ‘progress, not perfection’ and that is what my ideal client is seeking…progress. Progress with whatever barrier exist that is preventing them from thriving.”


What Is Your Favorite Motto To Share With Clients?

“You don’t know what you don’t know. Compassion is important through the journey of life because folks are so hard on themselves. We learn as we go.”


What Do Your Credentials Stand For, And What Does It Mean?

“LCSW stands for: Licensed Clinical Social Worker.  I completed 3 years supervised clinical hours after completing my master’s degree. Next, I passed a state exam showing competence in ethics, clinical practice, and analytical thinking. To maintain this licensure, I complete 36 hours of training every 2 years. I now have 8 years total experience in providing therapy.”


For Fun: Describe Your Favorite Coffee Mug

“My favorite coffee mug was a Christmas gift. It has baby pictures of my daughter all over it. On the front, there is one photo in her bathing suit wearing big, silly sunglasses. It makes me smile every time!”


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